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Denise Pia Pg(Dip), MBACP (accred). Face to Face and Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

My Approach

“Out of the past….in the present….towards the future” Roberto Assagioli (founder of Psychosynthesis.)

Vita Counselling and Therapy London offers:

Unlike many psychotherapies, Psychosynthesis is a Psychospiritual approach. Like many other counselling and psychotherapy approaches it is still a talking therapy. Psychosynthesis looks forward, as well as back into your life experiences and helps you to understand the meaning of present patterns and situations which are no longer serving you. It helps you to understand who you are, and how to value and nourish yourself. This approach is a holistic therapy where all of your human experience is honoured and can be included; paying particular attention to the whole person, considering your thoughts, feelings and body expression.

Psychosynthesis therapy allows you to understand that you are more than your suffering and that you are mind, body and soul. It encourages a greater connection and integration of all aspects, with the potential for healing and change. This is a deep and experiential therapy and where appropriate, some creative methods may be used, which may include; free drawing, the training of the will, body, visualisation, meditation and Gestalt work. These techniques help to further facilitate emotional expression, access your inner resources, engage with what is concerning you and gain a greater level of self-knowledge and awareness. Working together, our essential task is to bring clarity from confusion allowing you to move forward in a more effective way; to grow, change and reach your full potential.

Benefits of Psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy:

  • Help us learn how our past conditioning has limited our potential and wellbeing and how we can make changes.

  • Help to improve our relationships with ourselves and others.

  • Help us to see that it is often out of crisis and suffering that positive transformation and growth is made possible.

  • Enable us to access our inner strength; to allow us to take risks, make conscious decisions and feel empowered.

  • Enable us to realise our potential for growth and change.

  • Help us heal our feelings of inadequacy and/or powerlessness.

  • Help us to make sense of feelings of separation, loss or prolonged grief.

  • To gain greater self awareness to move forward with choice and purpose.

  • Help to heal our deep early wounding.

  • Help with personal and spiritual growth

  • Support us in times of difficulty.